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Come to relax in Relax Center in Cheb. We offer professional Thai massages that are enriching for your entire body. Do not miss foot massage, royal massage with hot herbs and many more. You can also choose from many packages. They alleviate stress, support the immune system, lower blood pressure and many other benefits. Enjoy a Thai massage that has become the healing art of antiquity. Come to relax in our center and take a rest for your body and soul.


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Thai Massage Offer

Thai traditional massage

This world-famous ancient art of healing involves applying pressure to the body’s energy meridians as well as veins, muscle tips that release tension, improve blood circulation, and rid your body of toxins that accumulate in tired or overworked muscles.

750 CZK – 60 minutes
1 100 CZK – 90 minutes
1 400 CZK – 120 minutes

Aroma Oil Massage

Features traditional Thai massage. It reduces back and muscle pain, joint problems, improves blood circulation, speeds up the lymphatic system and strengthens immunity. It harmonises, heals, strengthens the body and also offers perfect relaxation.

800 CZK – 60 minutes
1 200 CZK – 90 minutes
1 500 CZK – 120 minutes

Thai Foot Massage

Thai hand and foot massage is an extremely relaxing therapy that can significantly increase flexibility and comfort in all areas that are directly massaged.
Better immunity, relief of muscle tissue, improved joint mobility.

700 CZK – 60 minutes

Thai Herbal Massage

This technique uses special massage bags to relieve stress and relaxation. Small cloth bags filled with a mixture of 10 types of herbs and grasses with aromatic substances are used. The application of heat causes increased circulation, relieves pain and softens tissues.

1 300 CZK – 90 minutes


Druh masáže

60 minut

90 minut

120 minut

Thai traditional massage

750 CZK

1 100 CZK

1 400 CZK

Aroma Oil Massage

800 CZK

1 200 CZK

1 500 CZK

Thai Herbal Massage


1 300 CZK


Thai Foot Massage

700 CZK



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